I specialize in portable lumber milling and the production of rough, sawn lumber. All tools and equipment required can be brought to your site to minimize your costs, effort and time in converting your logs to lumber. Every project is completely customized to your needs and requirements.


Quarter Sawing - maximizes the amount of lumber produced with a vertical grain. This technique is generally not recommended for logs under 22 inches in diameter as it produces narrower boards than other sawing techniques. The appearance of the lumber is very desirable, especially in oak. The lumber is produced in varying widths.

Grade Sawing - maximizes the lumber produced without knots or defects. After a rectangular cant is created, it is turned as needed to ensure that the boards are taken from the face that will produce the highest grade of lumber. The lumber is produced at varying widths.

Dimensional Sawing - produces a lumber of a desired thickness and width (i.e.: 2×4). Ideal when wood is to be utilized for construction purposes versus furniture. Dimensions can be the true nominal size or can be smaller when appropriate to best match a material you may have purchased elsewhere (i.e.: lumber yard or home building centre).


My sawmill’s hydraulic features greatly assist with loading logs, additional manual labour tasks are associated with every project (typically, removing waste, moving slabs and lumber from the mill, etc.). I am happy to complete these tasks on my own, but by providing one or more helpers, you can help to reduce cost and time required to complete your job.

Your finished product will include stacked lumber, fit and cut to your specifications. Slabs and sawdust are expected by-products of every project.


Typically, projects are charged and billed on an hourly basis. Additional charges for costs associated with travel to-and-from the job site may also be incurred. Each project is unique and I will quote on an ad-hoc basis. Please reach out to acquire a quote for your milling requirements. I am also happy to provide complimentary on-site consultations and evaluations.